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The Sunrise and The Seminyak Beach

Time went fast and surprising here. The sunrise is just beautiful and giving the willingness to actively live more. That day, I and Luqman – my highschool buddy went to Seminyak Beach. 

Morning Ride to Sanur Beach

I survived my first week in office. I still have no motorcycle here. But I feel necessary for having plan to spend the weekend. So I came up with a simple idea of 20km ride to Sanur Beach on Saturday Morning.



img_20170128_083012-01I was started at 7 AM (which is still early here), and just follow Google Maps direction to Sanur Beach. It was approximately an hour to go there, not that bad. I just take some picture with my phone and Ricoh Theta. Here’s some of the pics.


I arrive at Sanur Beach, just doing some sightseeing and rode my bike across the pavement. I feel that I’ve been here before, my mind says that “you’re already here before”. I think I have been here when I was in highschool.



thetaplus_20170128155601356-01The weather that day is cloudy. So it’s beneficial for cyclist like me. I rode home in approx. 2 hours. It was ascending. But it’s a good ride tho. Definitely will do that again sometime soon.

The next day, I was meeting with Mas Bettam. He’s a friend from my circle in Jogjakarta. We haven’t chat before, but knowing that I moved to Bali, we chat a lot. And fortunately, he came to Ubud with his wife. We have chit chat and coffe in Umamandi Coffee near my rent room. Oh, and I met new friend – Sidhi who also from Jogjakarta. It’s was good conversations and relaxing atmosphere.


So, I thought I have quite good first weekend in Bali. See you at next story!

The Office – Kopernik

Kopernik is Non-Governmental Organisation held by Mr. Toshi Nakamura from Japan and Mrs. Ewa Wojkowska from Poland. This Organisation focusing on reducing poverty by distributing simple yet life changing technology to the last mile. The headquarter is in Ubud, Bali but the projects spread over 20 countries and has helped more than 300,000 people.


The first day at office.
I woke early and biked around 8 AM bringing stuff with full backpack. It was hot. But I arrived safely in office. I was welcomed very warm with all the staff. I was very nice atmosphere.


I’m placed in Communication Department as Comm Officer (Multimedia & Data Visualisation) with Mbak Sergina as my supervisor. We have a little meeting for introduction. And of course we took a photo. There was Mbak Gina, Mas Ibun, Mbak Feby, Mbak Anna, Me, and Fadel.


My first week is full of orientation which is a lot of information to digest. But I’m working on it to catch up. I been introduced with the workflow, the culture, and the works. It’s quite a lot for me, but magically I enjoy it.

This is one of the interesting part, they have like a minute planking session to keep them healthy. But I’m not joining them, can’t do planking. I just capture them.


By the time I’m writing this, I’ve been there for 2 weeks. Still early. But it’s good and challenging. So, I hope I can survive and enjoy in here. See you at next story!

Touching The Beautiful Land of Bali

I left Jogjakarta with hug from my father and mother. Vita is there waiting for me to board. It was pretty emotional I must say. It was Saturday, 21 January 2017, my flight went smooth. The weather is good.

I was met Mbak Lana and Mas Widi, they’re Kopernik’s Staff who came back from Kupang. And I met Apoet, a very humble Balinese boy who drive us to Ubud.

After dropping Mas Widi and Mbak Lana off, Me and Apoet having lunch together and went to Klungkung to pick up my package. It’s pretty far from Ubud. Apoet popping and idea of having little visit to Bukit Belong in Klungkung. It was beautiful.
We’re heading back to Ubud to my rent room in Jalan Tebongkang. I’m very thankful to Apoet who really help me a lot.

But unfortunately, the room is desperate. It was dirty, no lamps, and no electricity. So, I have to do many things to solve this up. Honestly, I felt stressed out a little bit. But finally I solved it. Thank God I can sleep like a baby first night.

The next day, I rode to office to check the route which is pretty hilly, and cycling around Ubud. It was pretty good. I meet very nice Balinese people, they’re very kind.

So that’s my early days in Bali. See you at next story.