Personal Branding

Hello again, I heard few things about personal branding. But honestly, I didn’t really care about it until recently I did. Why? Because, one, I find difficulties in presenting myself to new people. Two, I surely sensed difficulties on other people who try to understand me. So, I decided to do more about personal branding. Well, I know, it’s really hard for mediocre-guy like me to do this. But, step by step, I’ll do my best. Here is my first step.

kartu-nama-ojan-preview.jpgRecently, I put my interest on “Letterpress-Printing”. It’s manually pressed in special machine and it’ll make the design embossed on pretty thick Beermat Paper. And I think I would be so great if I made my business card with it. That’s my first step of personal branding.

See the design above, that’s the final design after drafting more than 5 times. As you can see, I made the design into 3 sections: my personal information, visualization of my working desk, and slight of whimsical-smile-face from some icons. My plan, I want to make my business card design with letterpress printing. Arrogantly, I felt that was a solid step.

But, there’s side story.

Impulsively, I recently bought a local-made letterpress machine from Solo (Central Java Province). Brought it home, and do nothing about it until this second. Why? Because I have very little knowledge about the machine, and the machine obviously need to be recovered and adjusted. Bam! I got hit by tricky seller. He say the machine is as good as it can be and normally functioned. But it’s not as good as his words.

It’s OK. I think it will be the start of my story with the machine. I’m still grateful I have one of those rare machine in my home. I haven’t named him yet. Any ideas? And you know what, it will be the start of my personal branding story.


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