Let’s Go to Sawah

One Saturday morning, around 6 a.m, I get out of my temporary bed, grab my phone and go to the rice field (sawah) near my house in Mungeng Village, Temanggung. I directly went there, and felt the moisture on my foot. The temperature is just “fresh” – not too hot, neither too cold. Really, really felt good that time.

I took my phone, and I captured my surrounding in 360° photo sphere. I want you to feel the breeze and see the actual beauty of the place where I grew up. Here we go! You can rotate it left or right to see around. 🙂

I use http://suddenlink.net/popenoe/tools/embedding-tool.htm to embed photo sphere

It brought my mind back in my childhood time. This place is the best spot to fly my kite. I just walked around the field with my kite (small or gigantic one) flying in the air. I really don’t care about the sun.  I wonder if there’s still kids playing kite there. And it was a good time of my childhood.

When I get back home, I’ll capture more spherical photos and more story. Thank you for stopping by. Ciao!


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