My Face Been Printed on Local Newspaper

Tribun Jogja (Local Newspaper) – Sunday, June 5th, 2016


When I asked the reporter, where did she know about Maken, she just simply said, “Instagram”. IMHO, Instagram became really powerful platform to search something, visually. Mrs. Gaya was doing the interview a week before her writing published. I’m pretty surprised that my face been printed on local newspaper.

The interview mostly talks about Maken Living – a small company I been managed with Yuvita Finishia in the last three years. With Blackberry on her hand, Mrs. Gaya put the interview notes. At that time, I wonder what will Mrs. Gaya write about and with what perspective.

A week after, I’m pretty surprised that she pointed down about “Personal Wall Decoration made by Maken”. Wall decoration is shifting from the aesthetic purposes to personal purposes such as a gift and message conveyor. IMHO, it’s not shifting, but growing from one purpose to many.

Overall, I’m so flattered. It’s something to me. Thank you.


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