Makers Gonna Make

Are you considering yourself as maker (people who love to make things)? Well, I am. If you are, you’re probably will understand what I think in this writing. If you’re not, its fine. I think every person has their own interests.

For me, being maker is just came from nowhere. Started when I was a kid, I just want to make my own kite with little knowledge from my father. Searching for bamboo around home, grab scissors, glue, knife, and sewing thread from my mother’s sewing machine desk, and took newspaper laid in living room. Done this and that, my small kite is ready to fly. Then some other day, I made bigger kite and it flew beautifully in the air. There’s special feeling I can’t really describe but it felt good.

There’s always bad things happen. One day, my index finger get cut by kite string when I tried to pull it down. Of course it hurt and blood came out. Stupidly, I still played it again and again until finally the string snapped and the kite went away God knows where.

By the time I got into mid school, I really love crafty-art class. I don’t always get the best score, but I enjoyed the processes. For example, making paper pulp, make stenciled graphic with water color brushed by tooth brush and a comb. And then I remember casting inside young papaya with wax so I get artificial papaya.

In high-school, I mostly spend my time learning about design. The purposes (now I confess), are really cheesy – to get the girls’ attentions. I love to make them (yeah, I know it’s more than one) my DIY birthday gift for them. It’s totally rubbish, non-functional things, and probably will broke within a week. But, honestly, it works pretty fine. They loved what I made. (smirk face)

That cheesy activities still going on until early college. I don’t recommend to click this url, but I recorded some of my works on a blog at No no, please don’t think that I always gave more girls DIY birthday gifts (defensive move). But all right, I admit that most of them are. -__-

In the end of college time, I tried to step on this way – choosing making things as my hobby, my interest, and hopefully my daily / future work. Firstly, I made +- 2 years old brand called Nest of Ojanto (2010-2012). And after that, I’m working on new brand called Maken Living for 3 years now.

As I said above, there’s always bad things. I don’t really have money I could save while my friends out there might be sitting comfortably enjoying their puffy chair and good salary. Which means, it’s really really really hard for me to get good position on social-economic terms. Part of me said, I really made big mistake to chose this way. Another part of me said, “fuck it!” and let’s just play again and again even it’ll blow you God knows where.


I recently watched movie titled “Joy” – 2015 movie telling story about Joy – a maker with desperate life and finally God allowed her to be successful entrepreneur of house hold products. Image showed above really encouraged me to hang on the way I chose.

I really love with those lines. “Some people love to make things.” – “They have the patience and the focus to figure it out with their hands.” I couldn’t agree more. This past 6 years been pretty rough time. It still is now. But I just simply found encouragement out of this to still enjoying any processes. I always believe, bad things are not meant to pull you out from success, it’s the time of learning process.

Well, wherever it’ll go, makers gonna make, right?

Thank you for stopping by on my desperate writing. :p


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