Eid al-Fitr 2016 (1437H) – part 1

All righto, The Eid al-Fitr days are almost over. Everybody’s going where they works or live – big migration. I have 2 part narcissistic stories that I’d share to you all. But before we go, let’s take a second or two to pray for them who passed away during this year’s biggest migration in the country, may they rest in peaceful heaven. Amen. Let’s get started!

Two days before Eid al-Fitr, my father asked me to drive him to Tuban – East Java Province. The purpose was to pick up my mother in my sister’s house and celebrating Eid there. Few years back, I went there once, not much that I can remember than the extremely hot temperature. But now, Tuban has made different experiences for me.

I drove approximately 280KM in 7 hours. That’s my first experience on long-distance-driving. It’s pretty fun and exhausting at same time. I definitely want to do more, hopefully not on the big migration time. So, this is my route.

At first, I really have no idea what to do there in about next 3 days. Mostly I spent my time hanging out with my niece and sleeping. Fortunately, my sister’s husband have a beautiful road bike I want to try. So, I decided to ride around Tuban, bring my phone, and try to capture Tuban from my perspective. I feel pretty cool with that bike. :p


Historically, Tuban came from the Javanese word “MeTU BANyune”. Long time ago, Raden Aryo Dandang Wacana as found a water spring between some rocks in the deep wild bamboo field. Then he called this territory with TUBAN. “MeTU BANyune” means water that came out. You can read the little history in image below.


You’ll find those writings behind Pancasila Monument. I captured the monument spherically. Here we go! ⚠️(hold and drag the image to see around)⚠️

Actually, Tuban is pretty cool to have beach few meters away from city. But, it’s just DIRTY ONE! Come on, people, what’s wrong with make your place cleaner and nicer to visit. Here we go, I have another spherical photo of the beach.

Next, I went to Alun-Alun Tuban. It was the last day of this year’s Ramadhan. So, there are many people do various activities to wait break fasting time. I admit that Tuban have beautiful and colorful mosque in the heart of the city. Almost forget, Tuban is pretty well known as Religious Muslim’s City, because there are a lot of people who brought ISLAM in Indonesia hundreds years back ago. Here we go!

The next day, I went to Pantai Boom. In my opinion, the place was designed to be a recreational spot for family. But, I found it pretty dramatic to spent the evening. And of course maybe a good spot to throw garbage! So many dirt in there. God know why. So, let’s take a look.


On the yellow shirt, please welcome my little mouthy niece – Izza. It still at Pantai Boom. I edited my messy spherical photo with RollWorld app.And all the spherical photo I took with Google StreetView app.

Finally, we have to go home. I drove my father and mother back to Temanggung – Central Java Province. This year’s Eid al-Fitr is pretty fun with all those places I visited. So, here is a family picture. Little unfortunate, my brother should celebrate The Eid in different place. Hope next year will be a better time.


Thank you for reading my cheesy story. See you in second part!

Oh, wait, I think I should attach this image so I will remember good things of Tuban City! And yes it’s Tuban. Beautiful, isn’t it?



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