Eid al-Fitr 2016 (1437H) – part 2

Aloha! Thank you for spending your time reading this. Like I said before, I’ll write 2 narcissistic story around Eid al-Fitr this year. So here’s the second part.

This time, I already in Temanggung – barely interesting city where I born. On my first post of spherical photo, I said I will share to you more about Temanggung in spherical way. Now, I get you picture of Alun-Alun Temanggung. I’m sorry, for now, I’m not proud of it. It’s very dirty now. But whatever, let’s just see it.

Mostly I spent the time to make family-related-visit and of course sleeping, eating, and sit my ass off watching movie. I met some old friends to catch up with each other. I also went out with my mother buying some things, hopefully makes her happy in my way.

Now, I want to tell you another highlight in this year’s Eid al-Fitr. I went to Wisata Alam Lembah Sindoro Posong. It’s a recreational place, 1700 above sea level, where you can ONLY see and feel the beauty of the surroundings. And I’d say, it won’t fail you to reboot the mood.

It’s located Tlahab village, Temanggung, Central Java. It’s around 15 KM uphill from my house. From the entrance gate, you should drive or driven by local motorcyclist another uphill and struggling road to the spot. Googling it, you’ll find more interesting posts about this place. From my point of view, this place is look like this… here we go!

Well, in this kind of time, I’m aware that there will be many visitors from another city. Probably this place can be refreshment time from suffering trip home. Most of them offering faces of happy and peace. Hopefully it will be good business for locals too.

Talking about locals, you’ll see interesting parts of the tobacco field’s activities. You’ll see the farmer walking around checking on their field. On the Posong spot itself, there are some locals providing food, coffee, tea, toilet, and electricity supply for charging your phone. Of course you don’t want to miss a moment here just because of dead phone. Actually, you’ll enjoy yourself here.

But, I really disappointed about the dirt. I hate to say this, but these people need to crack their brain then put some simple command to throw the garbage on the bin so we only left foot track, not the dirt. Enough talking this.

Back to pictures, we took a wefie. Pardon my face.


NEXT, I’ll let you explore this yourself. Enjoy!


Ok, finally we’ve come to an end. We’ll meet again in another story. Once more, thank you for stopping by and reading my story. Adios!


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