Morning Ride to Sanur Beach

I survived my first week in office. I still have no motorcycle here. But I feel necessary for having plan to spend the weekend. So I came up with a simple idea of 20km ride to Sanur Beach on Saturday Morning.



img_20170128_083012-01I was started at 7 AM (which is still early here), and just follow Google Maps direction to Sanur Beach. It was approximately an hour to go there, not that bad. I just take some picture with my phone and Ricoh Theta. Here’s some of the pics.


I arrive at Sanur Beach, just doing some sightseeing and rode my bike across the pavement. I feel that I’ve been here before, my mind says that “you’re already here before”. I think I have been here when I was in highschool.



thetaplus_20170128155601356-01The weather that day is cloudy. So it’s beneficial for cyclist like me. I rode home in approx. 2 hours. It was ascending. But it’s a good ride tho. Definitely will do that again sometime soon.

The next day, I was meeting with Mas Bettam. He’s a friend from my circle in Jogjakarta. We haven’t chat before, but knowing that I moved to Bali, we chat a lot. And fortunately, he came to Ubud with his wife. We have chit chat and coffe in Umamandi Coffee near my rent room. Oh, and I met new friend – Sidhi who also from Jogjakarta. It’s was good conversations and relaxing atmosphere.


So, I thought I have quite good first weekend in Bali. See you at next story!


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