The Good News & Little Bad News

Well, hello.
Few months back, I was applying for some vacancies. Why the hell I’m applying while I still struggling with little business I managed? I have a shallow reason here. It’s because Vita’s parents wants me to. So, yeah, I’m trying to do my best here.

On December, I got feedback from Kopernik and started the processes. The aptitude test, and then interviews. And finally in mid of January 2017, I got the job. In a very little time, I have to think about a lot of things. Because I have to move to Bali.

Vita having a hard time accepting this. But some good news started to float. We finally start to plan about our wedding. Already talked to her parents about the news and the rough plan. They got it and agreed. That’s good news for us.  So, smile won’t hurt anyone.

On the other side, we may have bad news. Our little business I been working on the last 3 years should come to an end this year after Idul Fitri. Me and Vita agreed on this.

Well, of course I’m doing a lot of preparations before I took off. I met with many friends, inform and hope for their blessings. Preparing the hand over of Maken. And finally, I should go.




Leaving Jogjakarta means I leave my cozy zone. Everything is settled, and good enough. Meeting Bali land is challenging. Many new people I should meet. A lot of culture I should respect. And of course new job. At that time, I only think about I should be able to survive, and do my best. Hope everything’s gonna be OK.

See you at the next story!


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