The Office – Kopernik

Kopernik is Non-Governmental Organisation held by Mr. Toshi Nakamura from Japan and Mrs. Ewa Wojkowska from Poland. This Organisation focusing on reducing poverty by distributing simple yet life changing technology to the last mile. The headquarter is in Ubud, Bali but the projects spread over 20 countries and has helped more than 300,000 people.


The first day at office.
I woke early and biked around 8 AM bringing stuff with full backpack. It was hot. But I arrived safely in office. I was welcomed very warm with all the staff. I was very nice atmosphere.


I’m placed in Communication Department as Comm Officer (Multimedia & Data Visualisation) with Mbak Sergina as my supervisor. We have a little meeting for introduction. And of course we took a photo. There was Mbak Gina, Mas Ibun, Mbak Feby, Mbak Anna, Me, and Fadel.


My first week is full of orientation which is a lot of information to digest. But I’m working on it to catch up. I been introduced with the workflow, the culture, and the works. It’s quite a lot for me, but magically I enjoy it.

This is one of the interesting part, they have like a minute planking session to keep them healthy. But I’m not joining them, can’t do planking. I just capture them.


By the time I’m writing this, I’ve been there for 2 weeks. Still early. But it’s good and challenging. So, I hope I can survive and enjoy in here. See you at next story!


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