Touching The Beautiful Land of Bali

I left Jogjakarta with hug from my father and mother. Vita is there waiting for me to board. It was pretty emotional I must say. It was Saturday, 21 January 2017, my flight went smooth. The weather is good.

I was met Mbak Lana and Mas Widi, they’re Kopernik’s Staff who came back from Kupang. And I met Apoet, a very humble Balinese boy who drive us to Ubud.

After dropping Mas Widi and Mbak Lana off, Me and Apoet having lunch together and went to Klungkung to pick up my package. It’s pretty far from Ubud. Apoet popping and idea of having little visit to Bukit Belong in Klungkung. It was beautiful.
We’re heading back to Ubud to my rent room in Jalan Tebongkang. I’m very thankful to Apoet who really help me a lot.

But unfortunately, the room is desperate. It was dirty, no lamps, and no electricity. So, I have to do many things to solve this up. Honestly, I felt stressed out a little bit. But finally I solved it. Thank God I can sleep like a baby first night.

The next day, I rode to office to check the route which is pretty hilly, and cycling around Ubud. It was pretty good. I meet very nice Balinese people, they’re very kind.

So that’s my early days in Bali. See you at next story.


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