The Good News & Little Bad News

Well, hello.
Few months back, I was applying for some vacancies. Why the hell I’m applying while I still struggling with little business I managed? I have a shallow reason here. It’s because Vita’s parents wants me to. So, yeah, I’m trying to do my best here.

On December, I got feedback from Kopernik and started the processes. The aptitude test, and then interviews. And finally in mid of January 2017, I got the job. In a very little time, I have to think about a lot of things. Because I have to move to Bali.

Vita having a hard time accepting this. But some good news started to float. We finally start to plan about our wedding. Already talked to her parents about the news and the rough plan. They got it and agreed. That’s good news for us.  So, smile won’t hurt anyone.

On the other side, we may have bad news. Our little business I been working on the last 3 years should come to an end this year after Idul Fitri. Me and Vita agreed on this.

Well, of course I’m doing a lot of preparations before I took off. I met with many friends, inform and hope for their blessings. Preparing the hand over of Maken. And finally, I should go.




Leaving Jogjakarta means I leave my cozy zone. Everything is settled, and good enough. Meeting Bali land is challenging. Many new people I should meet. A lot of culture I should respect. And of course new job. At that time, I only think about I should be able to survive, and do my best. Hope everything’s gonna be OK.

See you at the next story!


Happy New Year 2017


It’s already February but I have some shots that I want to share when I and Vita was celebrating New Year like most people do. We were going out to Alun-Alun Kidul Jogjakarta and waiting for the fireworks.

It turned out that the fireworks is only held privately by people itself, no professional whatsoever. So, yes some little accidents happened – the fire went horizontally attacking people. Fortunately, its just minor. Just panicked screams from people. And of course there were traumatized kid that asked their parents to go home straight away.

So, here’s some pictures I can gather.





It was good time though! Even that night we can only hope for the best in 2017. See you at next story!

Eid al-Fitr 2016 (1437H) – part 2

Aloha! Thank you for spending your time reading this. Like I said before, I’ll write 2 narcissistic story around Eid al-Fitr this year. So here’s the second part.

This time, I already in Temanggung – barely interesting city where I born. On my first post of spherical photo, I said I will share to you more about Temanggung in spherical way. Now, I get you picture of Alun-Alun Temanggung. I’m sorry, for now, I’m not proud of it. It’s very dirty now. But whatever, let’s just see it.

Mostly I spent the time to make family-related-visit and of course sleeping, eating, and sit my ass off watching movie. I met some old friends to catch up with each other. I also went out with my mother buying some things, hopefully makes her happy in my way.

Now, I want to tell you another highlight in this year’s Eid al-Fitr. I went to Wisata Alam Lembah Sindoro Posong. It’s a recreational place, 1700 above sea level, where you can ONLY see and feel the beauty of the surroundings. And I’d say, it won’t fail you to reboot the mood.

It’s located Tlahab village, Temanggung, Central Java. It’s around 15 KM uphill from my house. From the entrance gate, you should drive or driven by local motorcyclist another uphill and struggling road to the spot. Googling it, you’ll find more interesting posts about this place. From my point of view, this place is look like this… here we go!

Well, in this kind of time, I’m aware that there will be many visitors from another city. Probably this place can be refreshment time from suffering trip home. Most of them offering faces of happy and peace. Hopefully it will be good business for locals too.

Talking about locals, you’ll see interesting parts of the tobacco field’s activities. You’ll see the farmer walking around checking on their field. On the Posong spot itself, there are some locals providing food, coffee, tea, toilet, and electricity supply for charging your phone. Of course you don’t want to miss a moment here just because of dead phone. Actually, you’ll enjoy yourself here.

But, I really disappointed about the dirt. I hate to say this, but these people need to crack their brain then put some simple command to throw the garbage on the bin so we only left foot track, not the dirt. Enough talking this.

Back to pictures, we took a wefie. Pardon my face.


NEXT, I’ll let you explore this yourself. Enjoy!


Ok, finally we’ve come to an end. We’ll meet again in another story. Once more, thank you for stopping by and reading my story. Adios!

Eid al-Fitr 2016 (1437H) – part 1

All righto, The Eid al-Fitr days are almost over. Everybody’s going where they works or live – big migration. I have 2 part narcissistic stories that I’d share to you all. But before we go, let’s take a second or two to pray for them who passed away during this year’s biggest migration in the country, may they rest in peaceful heaven. Amen. Let’s get started!

Two days before Eid al-Fitr, my father asked me to drive him to Tuban – East Java Province. The purpose was to pick up my mother in my sister’s house and celebrating Eid there. Few years back, I went there once, not much that I can remember than the extremely hot temperature. But now, Tuban has made different experiences for me.

I drove approximately 280KM in 7 hours. That’s my first experience on long-distance-driving. It’s pretty fun and exhausting at same time. I definitely want to do more, hopefully not on the big migration time. So, this is my route.

At first, I really have no idea what to do there in about next 3 days. Mostly I spent my time hanging out with my niece and sleeping. Fortunately, my sister’s husband have a beautiful road bike I want to try. So, I decided to ride around Tuban, bring my phone, and try to capture Tuban from my perspective. I feel pretty cool with that bike. :p


Historically, Tuban came from the Javanese word “MeTU BANyune”. Long time ago, Raden Aryo Dandang Wacana as found a water spring between some rocks in the deep wild bamboo field. Then he called this territory with TUBAN. “MeTU BANyune” means water that came out. You can read the little history in image below.


You’ll find those writings behind Pancasila Monument. I captured the monument spherically. Here we go! ⚠️(hold and drag the image to see around)⚠️

Actually, Tuban is pretty cool to have beach few meters away from city. But, it’s just DIRTY ONE! Come on, people, what’s wrong with make your place cleaner and nicer to visit. Here we go, I have another spherical photo of the beach.

Next, I went to Alun-Alun Tuban. It was the last day of this year’s Ramadhan. So, there are many people do various activities to wait break fasting time. I admit that Tuban have beautiful and colorful mosque in the heart of the city. Almost forget, Tuban is pretty well known as Religious Muslim’s City, because there are a lot of people who brought ISLAM in Indonesia hundreds years back ago. Here we go!

The next day, I went to Pantai Boom. In my opinion, the place was designed to be a recreational spot for family. But, I found it pretty dramatic to spent the evening. And of course maybe a good spot to throw garbage! So many dirt in there. God know why. So, let’s take a look.


On the yellow shirt, please welcome my little mouthy niece – Izza. It still at Pantai Boom. I edited my messy spherical photo with RollWorld app.And all the spherical photo I took with Google StreetView app.

Finally, we have to go home. I drove my father and mother back to Temanggung – Central Java Province. This year’s Eid al-Fitr is pretty fun with all those places I visited. So, here is a family picture. Little unfortunate, my brother should celebrate The Eid in different place. Hope next year will be a better time.


Thank you for reading my cheesy story. See you in second part!

Oh, wait, I think I should attach this image so I will remember good things of Tuban City! And yes it’s Tuban. Beautiful, isn’t it?


Makers Gonna Make

Are you considering yourself as maker (people who love to make things)? Well, I am. If you are, you’re probably will understand what I think in this writing. If you’re not, its fine. I think every person has their own interests.

For me, being maker is just came from nowhere. Started when I was a kid, I just want to make my own kite with little knowledge from my father. Searching for bamboo around home, grab scissors, glue, knife, and sewing thread from my mother’s sewing machine desk, and took newspaper laid in living room. Done this and that, my small kite is ready to fly. Then some other day, I made bigger kite and it flew beautifully in the air. There’s special feeling I can’t really describe but it felt good.

There’s always bad things happen. One day, my index finger get cut by kite string when I tried to pull it down. Of course it hurt and blood came out. Stupidly, I still played it again and again until finally the string snapped and the kite went away God knows where.

By the time I got into mid school, I really love crafty-art class. I don’t always get the best score, but I enjoyed the processes. For example, making paper pulp, make stenciled graphic with water color brushed by tooth brush and a comb. And then I remember casting inside young papaya with wax so I get artificial papaya.

In high-school, I mostly spend my time learning about design. The purposes (now I confess), are really cheesy – to get the girls’ attentions. I love to make them (yeah, I know it’s more than one) my DIY birthday gift for them. It’s totally rubbish, non-functional things, and probably will broke within a week. But, honestly, it works pretty fine. They loved what I made. (smirk face)

That cheesy activities still going on until early college. I don’t recommend to click this url, but I recorded some of my works on a blog at No no, please don’t think that I always gave more girls DIY birthday gifts (defensive move). But all right, I admit that most of them are. -__-

In the end of college time, I tried to step on this way – choosing making things as my hobby, my interest, and hopefully my daily / future work. Firstly, I made +- 2 years old brand called Nest of Ojanto (2010-2012). And after that, I’m working on new brand called Maken Living for 3 years now.

As I said above, there’s always bad things. I don’t really have money I could save while my friends out there might be sitting comfortably enjoying their puffy chair and good salary. Which means, it’s really really really hard for me to get good position on social-economic terms. Part of me said, I really made big mistake to chose this way. Another part of me said, “fuck it!” and let’s just play again and again even it’ll blow you God knows where.


I recently watched movie titled “Joy” – 2015 movie telling story about Joy – a maker with desperate life and finally God allowed her to be successful entrepreneur of house hold products. Image showed above really encouraged me to hang on the way I chose.

I really love with those lines. “Some people love to make things.” – “They have the patience and the focus to figure it out with their hands.” I couldn’t agree more. This past 6 years been pretty rough time. It still is now. But I just simply found encouragement out of this to still enjoying any processes. I always believe, bad things are not meant to pull you out from success, it’s the time of learning process.

Well, wherever it’ll go, makers gonna make, right?

Thank you for stopping by on my desperate writing. :p

My Face Been Printed on Local Newspaper

Tribun Jogja (Local Newspaper) – Sunday, June 5th, 2016


When I asked the reporter, where did she know about Maken, she just simply said, “Instagram”. IMHO, Instagram became really powerful platform to search something, visually. Mrs. Gaya was doing the interview a week before her writing published. I’m pretty surprised that my face been printed on local newspaper.

The interview mostly talks about Maken Living – a small company I been managed with Yuvita Finishia in the last three years. With Blackberry on her hand, Mrs. Gaya put the interview notes. At that time, I wonder what will Mrs. Gaya write about and with what perspective.

A week after, I’m pretty surprised that she pointed down about “Personal Wall Decoration made by Maken”. Wall decoration is shifting from the aesthetic purposes to personal purposes such as a gift and message conveyor. IMHO, it’s not shifting, but growing from one purpose to many.

Overall, I’m so flattered. It’s something to me. Thank you.

Cranking Away

What I meant by cranking away is cycling. I been cycling for over 8 months now. Personally, I get some of the benefits, physically and mentally. Sometime ago, I made a Steller post about my cycling experience. Steller said, we can embedding our story in our web or blog. But unfortunately, Steller’s story CAN NOT be embeded in wordpress. So, maybe I’ll just give screen capture.

Photo 6-12-16, 02 15 38

You can visit my profile on Steller, just go with this link :

It’s like you can make your own magazine with your own story. You can put both photo and video. Add some text and put design theme on it. Voila!